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Blogging tools and services from India

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Blogging is a new and upcoming phenomenon. Though it may never replace mainstream media, at least in the next few years, the rate at which the number of blogs are increasing, is sure to leave an impact. We are more interested in knowing the tools and services offered by Indian individuals and companies based in India.


1. Free Indian blogging services

  • Rediff blogs: Rediff is one the biggest Indian multinationals providing everything from email to web hosting to chat systems. Their not so new venture is ofcourse blogging and the most recent service is something called Rediff iLand which is a mixture of blogging, community based services and my favourite of all: Moblogging.
  • Sify blogs: Another biggie Sify is best known from its not the best broadband connections. But we are not going to talk about that now. Sify also provides a free blogging service with a 10 MB limit on space.
  • Sulekha blogs: Sulekha is another free service provider for bloggers. The blogging application seems a lot like Sify but fortunately they don't have a 10 MB imposed limit.
  • Mobylog: Since Moblogging is a hot phenomenon now-a-days, a service to cater the needs of mobloggers was naturally expected. Fortunately, Mobylog answered the call with its cool moblogging features. Just check out this site, it got me mesmerised.
  • Indiatimes blogs: Opinionated, Original and Outrageous is what Indiatimes defines its blogs as. This is another place, and personally I would say far better than Sify or Sulekha, where you can write out to your heart's content.
  • Indian Friend Finder blogs: Indianfriendfinder.com is another portal with free blogging services. Usually bloggers here write about love, themselves; themselves, love and... well you get the idea. Neverthless talking from a blogger's viewpoint, its a nice service provider.
  • IndiaTalking: A part of the Hindustan Network, this site provides free blogging services as well. However, the only thing that worries me is the frequency and intensity of ads provided on the user pages. Personally I feel that its an alternative to the above mentioned services but not an well rated one.
  • Krify blogs: This is another great service provider except for the ads which are, I am sorry to say, somewhat on the lines of Indiatalking.


Blogging scripts


  • boastMachine: boastMachine is a simple blogging script written in PHP and uses MySQL as its database backend. It is blog only, that is, no support for pages and stuff.
  • SimplyBlog: SimplyBlog written by Vikas Kamat lives up to its name in terms of simplicity and flexibility. It has an ASP/VB Script back end and produces permalinks as static pages.


Blogging, RSS and SEO tools



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