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Start blogging now

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The fastest way to start blogging is to find a suitable free blog hosting provider. The most popular among them today are:


  1. Blogspot
  2. Wordpress.com
  3. LiveJournal
  4. Typepad (Popular but not free)
  5. Xanga Weblogs (Less popular but ok)


Go through their feature lists to find out which one suits you the best. you can also read several bloggers reviewing these two services here:

{someone put a link to a good comparision between blogspot and wordpress. later, a page can be created doing the same job, and we can link to it from here}

If you have your own domain(or a friend of yours has it and is willing to provide you with some space), then you can host a blog on your own. This might require atleast the basic knowledge about maintaining such a software, but it gives you tremendous control with the way you want to customize your blog. Some of the popular blogging softwares that you can download and install on your domain are:


  1. Wordpress
  2. MovableType


There are a lot of others(you can do a google search if you wish), but these are the most popular ones. Wordpress is completely free and supports the most number of extensions in the form of plugins and hacks. MovableType is free without support; you have to pay if you want to get the support. Typepad is a paid service. Don't forget to check for the requirements of each of these softwares before planning to go with any of them. For eg, Wordpress requires that your server supports Apache web server, PHP and MySql database.

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