What’s a blog

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The essence of 'blogginess' is “the unedited voice of a single person” - Dave Winer


“It beats yelling at the television” - Glenn 'Instapundit' Reynolds


The word “blog” appears to date back to 1997, when one of the few practitioners at the time, Jorn Barger, called his site a “weblog”. In 1999, another user, Peter Merholz, playfully broke the word into “we blog”, and somehow the new term—blog—stuck as both a verb and a noun. Technically, it means a web page to which its owner regularly adds new entries, or “posts”, which tend to be (but need not be) short and often contain hyperlinks to other blogs or websites. Besides text and hypertext, posts can also contain pictures (“photoblogs”) and video (“vlogs”). Each post is stored on its own distinct archive page, the so-called “permalink”, where it can always be found. [source: The Economist]



Sharing yourself publicly builds courage in a variety of ways. Over the past year I’ve posted personal stories on this blog that I’ve never shared publicly before, such as this one. Yes, there’s some cathartic effect, but more importantly I’ve seen such stories deeply connect with people who find themselves in similar situations. And noticing this positive effect builds the courage to do it again. (From Steve Pavlina's blog)